is the ultimate in diamond bur technology.

How would you like to eliminate your assistant's time in cleaning, autoclaving, cataloging and tracking of the expensive burs you're currently using? Well, now you can with DollarDiamonds.Net's new single patient diamond bur that gives you the economic freedom to use a brand new diamond bur on each and every patient, with unparalleled results.

DollarDiamonds.Net's unique patentable process of affixing the diamond to the mandrel delivers a fine cutting instrument. Each stainless steel mandrel is designed and produced to match, with Rockwell hardness, each bur size and shape to allow you the ultimate in cutting efficiency.

And takes it one giant step further, offering you burs in all grits: super-fine, fine, medium, coarse and super-coarse, each designed to meet your needs to various tasks.

Of course, every DollarDiamonds.Net bur comes with a 100% guarantee (we've been making fine dental burs for over 15 years and are proud of our quality).

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100% Guarantee
YES! That's how good our diamonds are! Order TODAY and we'll ship direct! Use one or two and if they aren't exactly what we say they are, send them back and pay nothing.

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